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Sun Project Safety, Health, Environmental & Community Management Strategy
Sun Protection of the General Public
Sun Environmental Management
Sun The Considerate Contractors Code of Good Practice
Sun Health & Safety Links

The files contained within this section are Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view these documents you will require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this plug-in you can obtain one by clicking here.

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Document No: 1
Project Safety, Health, Environmental & Community Management Strategy

This is Ireland’s single largest urban reconstruction scheme and one of the largest regeneration schemes in all of Europe. This consequently creates substantial challenges in relation to Health and Safety.

There are about 20,000 inhabitants currently residing in the Ballymun area. There are 10 schools: 7 Primary schools (with approximately 3000 pupils), and 3 Secondary schools (with approximately 900 pupils). We place the health and safety of all residents in the area (including, not least the children) to the forefront of our concerns.

There is a need however, to maintain quality of life for those living and operating businesses within and around the new developments, and present a positive image to the local community and through traffic.

This document describes the Company’s general process and specific requirements regarding Contractor safety. It also outlines the Company’s health and safety procedure for the selection and management of Contractors, and describes contract OHS requirements for contracts undertaken for the Company.

Adoption of this “Strategy” should ensure more harmonious conditions are achieved throughout the period by introducing both preventative and mitigation measures. It should also extend to secure the protection of the environment both locally and further afield.

We commit to a strategy that is implemented in line with the following guiding Principles:
1. Partnership and commitment to improved workplace health and safety outcomes by all stakeholders,
2. Effective communication and consultation between stakeholder groups,
3. Priority be given to the goals and actions contained within the strategy,
4. The strategy to be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis to ensure currency and effectiveness.

This strategy is intended to apply to all forms of construction and demolition work: including general site activities; preparation; demolition; excavation; building operations; structural alteration, cleaning and maintenance; transportation of materials and spoil to or from the site; road, pavement; and other related engineering, landscaping and construction activities.

The strategy document outlines the Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. commitment to maintain high standards of health and safety responsibilities BRL has towards its contractors and the local community. This commitment has been further strengthened by the introduction of a Considerate Contractor Scheme, designed to ensure those responsible for construction, whatever the scale, are recognised by BRL for their care and consideration for those residents and businesses who may be adversely affected by their activities.

At the same time the document makes clear that BRL will only engage contractors who can demonstrate during prequalification and tender assessments that they are capable of effectively managing health and safety on a project basis. And once work has begun on the project, BRL staff will carry out a program of inspections and audits to make sure that the contractor is delivering the standard of OHS performance which BRL demands.

This document contains information and guidance about maintaining a safe and secure work environment for employees and visitors, including, the public, persons with disabilities. BRL has set minimum standards that it requires all PSCS's/Contractors to work to, on the Ballymun Regeneration Scheme. It outlines the health and safety rules and procedures with which the PSCS/Contractor is required to comply with when undertaking work on BRL projects.

Specific requirements and procedures associated with each stage are detailed in this document.

BRL are committed to an “all accidents are preventable” philosophy and asks for the co-operation of all in creating a lasting culture of safety.

BRL’s intention in publishing this document is to facilitate a step towards the ultimate goal of constructively changing people's attitudes and responses to workplace health and safety.

Click the link below to download the document

Project Safety, Health & Environmental Strategy [PDF 1.2 Mb]

Document No: 2
Protection of the General Public
Safety at Construction Sites Guidelines

The aim of these guidelines is to reduce as far as practicable the risks to the safety and health of members of the public at or adjacent to construction sites and construction activity.

These guidelines applies to all construction work undertaken directly by Ballymun Regeneration Ltd., DCC, Utility Companies or the private sector developments, and applies to the management of Contractors undertaking construction work within the Ballymun Scheme.

Click the link below to download the document

Protection of the General Public [PDF 371 kb]

Document No: 3
Environmental Management

Ballymun Regeneration Limited is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment. It takes a close and responsible interest in, and considers and respects, the physical, economic and social environments on all projects in which it is involved.

It aims to contribute towards environmental improvement and sustainable development by using best practice and innovation to minimise environmental impacts. Environmental impacts are to be assessed at every stage of the business process in consultation with organisations working on behalf of BRL including, designers, contractors, local authorities and local stakeholders to develop agreed solutions that are sympathetic to the environment and community. BRL plays an active role in supporting and encouraging contractors in reducing their environmental impacts.

The purpose of this Code is to provide and maintain environmental protection and to ensure that construction activities are conducted in a manner that minimises impact on the environment, including control of pollution and waste that develops during normal construction practices. It promotes the awareness and use of best practice environmental management by site operatives during the construction phase. It ensures that construction activities have minimal impact on the environment. It applies to both the building construction site and associated activities such as stockpile sites, and construction of new or diversion roads.

Click the link below to download the document

Environmental Management [PDF 1.6 Mb]

Document No: 4
The Considerate Contractors Code of Good Practice

Building sites and their activities can result in nuisance and inconvenience to neighbouring residents and businesses. The public are concerned about the way in which contractors carry out works on site and more particularly when performing works on our streets and in the public spaces. The needs of the contractor and those of roadway users and pedestrians and businesses often conflict. This conflict can cause inconvenience, frustration and unfortunately in some cases, danger to the public.

To combat these problems, Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. operates a Considerate Contractor Scheme, designed to ensure those responsible for construction, whatever the scale, are recognised by BRL for their care and consideration for those residents and businesses who may be adversely affected by their activities. This is particularly important for people in wheelchairs or with other mobility difficulties, and for blind and partially sighted people.

Click the link below to download the complete document

No: 4 Po-CSM Considerate Contractors Cop [PDF 224 kb]