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Ballymun Regeneration Ltd (BRL) is the Dublin City Council company, set up in 1997, to plan and implement a regeneration programme which will result in a new town with new and improved facilities for the 30,000 people who will live there. BRL is working with the community to develop and implement the Masterplan for the physical, economic and social regeneration of Ballymun.

The seven fifteen-storey tower blocks, nineteen eight-storey blocks and ten four-storey blocks of flats will be demolished. They will be replaced by at least 5,000 new homes in a variety of styles and sizes in five existing neighbourhoods.

The new town is being made economically sustainable through the construction of a traditional style Main Street, with its retail and commercial services, the development of neighbourhood centres with a range of local services; and the development of lands at the M50 for employment generating uses.

But it's not just about housing. Residents are enjoing the benefits of a multitude of arts, environmental action, recreational and training opportunities which go along with the regeneration. They will also enjoy the new physical infrastructure of parks, arts, and leisure facilities already built, underconstruction or on the drawing board.

New community facilities:

  • New Civic Centre opened 2003
  • AXIS Arts Centre opened 2001
  • Sports and Leisure Centre opened 2005
  • Neighbourhood Centres under construction
  • Coultry Park opened December 2005 with 2 large landscaped parks under construction comprising new playing pitches, playgrounds and a range of facilities for all age groups
  • Planning permission granted for new town centre development to replace the existing Shopping Centre

BRL and the community are aware that regeneration will fundamentally change peoples lives in Ballymun. Ballymun has had a unique and strong sense of identity and community spirit. To record, remember and celebrate this BRL commissioned a history project whic included the writing of a history of Ballymun from the earliest times, the establishment of a community archive and the initiation of an oral history project. A synopsis of the written history may be found at the link below.

Ballymun, A History Volumes I & 2 c.1600 - 1997 Synopsis

Timeline exhibition brochure [PDF: 1Mb]