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Ballymun LogoActivities

People Make Parks
Activities in Ballymun Parks Programme 2012

Activities in Ballymun Parks Programme 2012 [PDF: 7.1 Mb]

axis arts & community resource centre

axis is an arts centre & community resource centre based in Ballymun, Dublin. Our arts centre consists of a Theatre, Dance Studio, Art Room, Gallery, Music Studio, Music Rehearsal Rooms & our community resource centre consists of a Café, Creche, Conference Centre & a number of Community Development Organisations.

For more info on any of the services we provide in either arts centre or our community resource centre, email info@axis-ballymun.ie or visit http://www.axis-ballymun.ie/

axis Autumn/Winter Programme 2012 (Sept 2012 - Jan 2013)
[PDF:4.3 Mb]

Ballymun Market

Every Thursday in Ballymun Shopping Centre 9am - 3.30pm

Come along and try some...

Organic Fruit and Veg • Homemade Jams Homemade Breads • Homemade Cakes Local Ballymun Crafts • Handmade Crafts GAP Plant Sale • Eco Friendly Products Recycled Furniture and much much more...

Be sure to tell your friends and we look forward to seeing you there.

Website: www.ballymunmarket.ie
e-mail: info@ballymunmarket.ie
Tel: (087) 698 1093

Ballymun Green Map

Ballymun’s Green Map is your green guide to environmental projects, features and amenities in Ballymun.

This map is part of the global Green Map system, involving over 230 maps from nearly 50 countries worldwide, that uses universal icons to highlight the community’s natural, cultural and sustainable resources. www.greenmaps.org

Ballymun Green Map [PDF: 4 Mb]

Walking routes in Ballymun

Ballymun ‘Virtual’ Slí walking route from the Civic Centre to Coultry Park is a 1.5km loop walk designed to promote exercise for people who work or visit the Ballymun Civic Centre.

Slí na Sláinte (Path to Health) was developed in 1996 by the Irish Heart Foundation and now boasts over 150 walking routes around Ireland. Slí encourages people to walk for pleasure and good health. The Irish Heart Foundation recommends walking for at least 30 minutes on most days for maximum health benefits.

Other local walking routes are also identified with the Ballymun Green Map.

Ballymun Regeneration and the Ballymun Tidy Towns committee are currently assessing the feasibility of developing a new sli na slainte walking route within Poppintree Park.

Sli na Slainte route map [PDF: 276 kb]

Poppintree Park Native Tree Trail

The Poppintree Park Native Tree Trail is the third tree trail in the city and the first on the Northside.

The new Native Tree Trail in Poppintree Park is an action within the Ballymun Biodiversity Action Plan and is a partnership between Ballymun Regeneration and Dublin City Council.

The Native Tree Trail will help introduce park users to a selection of Irelands native trees. It is a fun and interactive way for people, and in particular young people, to learn about the trees that surround us, the history and folklore they invoke and the homes they create for wildlife, not to mention the air they clean.

What to do:

Print out copy of the Native Tree Trail from PDF below . . .

Get crayons . . .

Head to the lovely Poppintree Park and follow the instructions within the Tree Trail booklet . . .


Feedback on your experience of the Poppintree Park Native Tree Trail would be greatly appreciated, email: roger.warburton@dublincity.ie

Poppintree Park Native Tree Trail: English Version [PDF: 3 Mb]

Poppintree Park Native Tree Trail: Irish Version [PDF: 3 Mb]

Coultry Park Nature Trail (Summer)

Coultry Park Nature Trail: English Version [PDF: 2 Mb]

Balcurris Park Nature Trail (Winter)

Balcurris Park Nature Trail: English Version [PDF: 3.4 Mb]

There are many more exciting events happening in Ballymun. Check out the list below for further information of activities happening in your local area:

DCC - Dublin City Council

Ballymun Regional Youth Resource Centre

Ballymun Leisure Centre

Note: The PDF documents may take some time to appear in your browser window, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Please be patient.