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BRL was established during 1997 by Dublin City Council and the Department of the Environment and Local Government to develop and implement a Masterplan for the physical, social and economic regeneration of Ballymun.

In the seven years since the Masterplan was published in March 1998, we have answered many questions about its objectives and the implementation process. This publication is designed to answer the most frequently asked of these questions.

As time goes on we find that the most frequently asked questions tend to focus on the broader vision for Ballymun rather than on the detail of the new housing which seems to speak for itself in terms of quality and beauty.

We have included some recent aerial photos so you can see what has been achieved. When these aerial photos are compared to the original Masterplan drawing it easy to see how close the end product is to the original design and it is also easier to see and believe how much Ballymun has managed to achieve already through its regeneration programme.

Ballymun owes a great deal of thanks to the City of Dublin and to the Government of Ireland for allowing Ballymun the freedom and resources to come up with its own solutions and implement its own Masterplan. This freedom to implement the Masterplan over a long time-frame has meant that Ballymun was given the chance it needs to succeed.

We are now about 60% through the implementation stage of the Masterplan and are on target to complete the physical regeneration elements of the project by 2010.

Maureen Lynott
Ballymun Regeneration Limited

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