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Blank Ballymun LogoNewsletter

Ballymun Regeneration Limited has published a newsletter every two months or so, as a means of keeping every household in Ballymun and the surrounding areas informed of the latest developments. We will continue to publish newsletters throughout the life of the project.

The files contained within this section are Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view these documents you will require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this plug-in you can obtain one by clicking here.

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Issue 100 May/June2012
Opening of Poppintree Early Education Centre

Issue 99 February/March2012
Poppintree Park wins Lama Award

Issue 98 December 2011
The Lord Mayor visits Ballymun for the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Issue 97 October 2011
Ballymun celebrates winning it’s third National Tidy Town Award in a row

Issue 95 March/April 2011
A European First for Holy Spirit G.N.S.

Issue 94 January/February 2011
Ballymun4Business Website Forum

Issue 93 November/December 2010
Another Year Over

Issue 92 October 2010
Phase 4 Regeneration Housing

Issue 91 September 2010
Official Launch of John Byrne's Equestrian Sculpture Misneach

Issue 90 July/August 2010
Ballymun Boiler House shuts down

Issue 89 May/June 2010
Phase 1 of Poppintree Park Opens
[1.7 Mb]

Issue 88 April 2010
Rediscover Fashion wins the Arthur Guinness Fund Award

Issue 87 March 2010
Ballymun wins ‘Green Community of the year 2010’ award

Issue 86 February 2010
Ballymun Boiler-House Site Project

Issue 85 January 2010
President welcomes latest new facility for Ballymun

Issue 84 December 2009
Funding for final phase of housing

Issue 83 October/November 2009
More Awards for Ballymun Tidy Towns

Issue 82 September 2009
Ballymun Education Fair

Issue 81 August 2009
Next generation of low carbon homes

Issue 80 July 2009
Allianz Business to Arts Award

Issue 79 June 2009
IKEA Dublin - The wait is finally over

Issue 78 May 2009
World Pool Championships 2009

Issue 77 April 2009
IKEA Open Days

Issue 76 March 2009
Ballymun goes green with IKEA and BRL

Issue 75 February 2009
Archbishop Desmond Tutu visits Ballymun

Issue 74 January 2009
Balymun Wins National Green Award

Issue 73 November/December 2008
Ballymun Civic Plaza

Issue 72 October 2008
Virgin Mary Girls National School Green Schools Committee

Issue 71 August/September 2008
Design Proposals for Ballymun Plaza

Issue 70 June/July 2008
Minister joins in celebration at Greener Ballymun Conference

Issue 69 April/May 2008

Issue 68 January/February 2008
New Energy Saving Homes

Issue 67 November/December 2007
Another year over

Issue 66 October 2007
Ballymun celebrates another Tidy Towns success
[3.5 Mb]

Issue 65 August/September 2007
1 million CCTV scheme announced for Ballymun

Issue 64 July 2007
Ballymun A Safer, Greener, Cleaner Future

Issue 63 June 2007
Local Parks and Playgrounds
Get out and use them!

[1 Mb]

Issue 62 April/May 2007
Positive turn for Local Employment in Ballymun

Issue 61 March 2007
A Room with a View

Issue 60 February 2007
House Prices in Ballymun

Issue 59 January 2007
New Year Message from the Management of BRL

Issue 58 December 2006
Metro will bring new opportunities to Ballymun

Issue 57 November 2006
Ikea Comes One Step Closer

Issue 56 October 2006
Ballymun Scoops Three National Tidy Towns Awards
[473 kb]

Issue 55 September 2006
Tidy Towns Latest - Cleaning up This Town

Issue 54 July / August 2006
BRL Open Day

Issue 53 June 2006
New Coultry Estate Forum Office opens

Issue 52 May 2006
Lord Mayor Dedicates Homes for Local Families in Ballymun

Issue 51 April 2006
Ballymun FAIRTRADE town campaign

Issue 50 February/March 2006
Take good care of Coultry Park - the finest play area in the country
[2 Mb]

Issue 49 December 2005/January 2006
Residents attend information session on new housing

Issue 48 September/October 2005
Happy to be home again
[1.5 Mb]



Issue 47 June/July 2005
Transforming Ballymun's Skyline - McDonagh Tower Gone
[3 Mb]

Issue 46 May 2005
President McAleese Visits Ballymun

Issue 45 March/April 2005
MacDermott Tower Going, Going, Gone

Issue 44 January/February 2005
Phase 4 Moving Ahead

Issue 43 December 2004
Ballymun's first new park opens this December

Issue 42 November 2004
Axis Theatre Festival Success

Issue 41 October 2004
Life on the Block

Issue 40 September 2004
Hundreds of Ballymun Children Enjoy Summer of Fun

Issue 39 August 2004
Demolition Munch Begins

Issue 38 July 2004
Demolition Day Draws Near

Issue 37 June 2004
8 Blocks of Flats To Be Demolished This Year

Issue 36 May 2004
Mary Robinson visits Ballymun Community Law Centre

Issue 35 April 2004
Poppintree Park

Issue 34 March 2004
Consultation Reassures Residents

Issue 33 February 2004
Ballymun Housing Opportunities

Issue 32 January 2004
Local Writers Set For Success

Issue 31 December 2003
Demolition Update

Issue 30 October 2003
20% of Regeneration Jobs are Local
[3 Mb]

Issue 29 June 2003
Towers Coming Down this Summer
[4.8 Mb]

Issue 28 February/March 2003
Regeneration 2003 - 2008
[4 Mb]

Issue 27 December 2002 / January 2003
212 families celebrate Christmas in new homes
[3.2 Mb]

Issue 26 August 2002
New Main Street Transformation Well Underway
[1.4 Mb]

Issue 25 July 2002
Final Phase of Civic Buildings Underway
[4.4 Mb]

Issue 24 May 2002
Taoiseach Celebrates Ballymun's First New Homes
[1 Mb]

Issue 23 December 2001
Health and Safety
[1.6 Mb]

Issue 22 July 2001
Residents 'Delighted' with New Homes

Issue 21 Main Street Special - April 2001
Main Street Underway

Issue 20 February 2001
Building of Phase 1 New Homes Forges Ahead [404kb]

Issue 19 November 2000
Judicial review withdrawn - Phase 3 housing
[2.1 Mb]

Issue 18 September 2000
Phase 2 - Open Day to view designs
[1.4 Mb]

Special Issue August 2000
Tax Incentives for existing houses

Issue 17 June/July 2000
Taoiseach & residents celebrate building start

Issue 16 May 2000
Business & technology park approved

Issue 15 February/March 2000
Major progress for new housing

Issue 14 December/January 1999/2000
Health & Safety Special Issue

Issue 13 November/December 1999
Main Street launch attracts all the big investors

Issue 12 August 1999
Phase 2 Announced

Issue 11 June/July 1999
Summer Start

Issue 10 March/April 1999
Thumbs up to new homes

Issue 9 January/February 1999
Open Day - The first new homes
[1.3 Mb]

Issue 8 December/January 1999
A Good Year Ends

Issue 7 October/November 1998
Ballymun Visitors

Issue 6 July/August 1998
4-Storeys going, its official

Issue 5 April/May 1998
It's time to build the houses

Issue 4 Feburary/March 1998
Draft Masterplan Goes on Display
[4 Mb]

Issue 3 January/Feburary 1998
We're continuing to consult - Get Involved

Issue 2 December 1997
What you told us at Ballymun Planning

Issue 1 November 1997
A New Vision for Ballymun
[2 Mb]