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Ballymun LogoMasterplan

The files contained within this section are Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view these documents you will require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this plug-in you can obtain one by clicking here.

There are 2 options for viewing the PDF documents:

Option 1: Click on the link and it will open in your browser.

Note: The PDF document may take some time to appear in your browser window, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Please be patient.

Option 2: Save the PDF document to your hard drive and double click it to view in the Acrobat Reader application.

To do this, right-click (Windows) or hold down the mouse button (Mac OS) on the link of the PDF file, then choose 'Save Target As' from the pop-up menu. In the 'Save As' dialog box, specify a name and location for the PDF file, and then click 'Save'.

Note: The download time depends on the speed of your internet connection.

Masterplan 2007 - Map only - Portable Document Format (PDF file: 4 Mb)
Masterplan 1998 - Map only - Portable Document Format (PDF file: 2.3 Mb)

The files contained within this section are Portable Document Format (PDF files). In order to view these documents you will require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this plug-in you can obtain one by clicking here.

(i) Foreword
(ii) Credits
(iii) Masterplan
1 Introduction
2 Ballymun Today
2 Image
3 Consultation Process
4 What you said
5 Population
6 Community Facilities
7 Economic Development - Context
8 Economic Development - Strategy
9 Training and Education
10 Constraints
11 Land Use Proposals
12 Transport
13 Amenity/Play
14 Landscape - Comparators
14 Landscape - Strategy
15 Urban Design
16 Infrastructure
17 Housing Standards
18 Housing Management
19 Implementation
20 Costs
21 Energy and Environment
  Neighbourhoods - As Existing
  Neighbourhoods - As Proposed
22 Coultry
23 Shangan
24 Sillogue/Sandyhill
25 Sandyhill/Sillogue
26 Poppintree Park
27 Poppintree
28 Balcurris
29 M50
30 Main Street
31 Sustainability
32 References

(i) Foreword

Link to PDF [PDF: 62 kb]

(i) Credits

Link to PDF [PDF: 86 kb]

(iii) Masterplan

What is a masterplan? What must be fixed? What is flexible? What happens next?

Link to PDF [PDF: 62 kb]

1. Introduction

Link to PDF [PDF: 249 kb]

2. Ballymun Today

Location and context and image.

Link to PDF [PDF: 109 kb]

2. Image

Link to PDF [PDF: 165 kb]

3. Consultation Process

This section explains the process to date. A variety of means were developed to ensure full community involvement and strong local consensus. They included: Public meetings; Design Groups; Drop in surgeries; News letters; Public events; Focus groups; Future community consultation.

Link to PDF [PDF: 103 kb]

4. What You Said

A summary of feedback from residents on: New homes for Ballymun; Clubs and training; Community facilities; Transport; Youth and children; Leisure, sport and recreation; Advice, support and community development; Health and the physical environment; Education and training; Employment and economic environment.

Link to PDF (section 1) [PDF: 85 kb]
Link to PDF (section 2) [PDF: 91 kb]

5. Population

This section sets out and interprets statistics currently available. More survey work will be necessary.

Link to PDF [PDF: 91 kb]

6. Community Facility

This section sets out current community needs and facilities. Many established community groups in many fields are operating in Ballymun. These will be catered for In the new neighbourhood and central community facilities and will provide an important focus for local activities and encourage the development of new groups and activities.

Link to PDF [PDF: 393 kb]

7. Economic Development - Context

Job creation is essential to the successful regeneration of Ballymun. This section details the strengths of Ballymun and the challenges to be met. A strategy involving inward investment; Tax and financial incentives; Training and business development; image building; Ballymun's strategic setting and the encouragement of local development.

Link to PDF [PDF: 124 kb]

8. Economic Development - Strategy

This section explores ideas for attracting sustainable economic development in more detail, dealing with the background; objectives; constraints; assets; the institutional and financial situations; proposals for institutional structure; incentive proposals; key economic development proposal, and action programmes.

Link to PDF (Section 1) [PDF: 89 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 133 kb]

9. Training & Education

This section sets out opportunities and programmes for educational and training development.

Link to PDF [PDF: 160 kb]

10. Constraints

This section explains the physical constraints to the redevelopment of Ballymun. This is not a green field site. The principal constraints examined are: roads; existing local services; archaeological sites; major services in Santry avenue; the District heating system and the north Dublin drainage system.

Link to PDF [PDF: 139 kb]

11. Land Use Proposals

This section describes where different types of development can take place. The proposals are set in their national, strategic, and statutory planning contexts. A number of specific local issues are examined.

Link to PDF (Section 1) [PDF: 77 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 128 kb]

12. Transport

This section describes the transport links desired in the new Ballymun. LUAS, the proposed light rail service for Dublin will form a crucial part of the transport proposals. Also examined are proposals for improved bus services both locally and linking to Dublin's city centre; cars, new roads and parking; cycleways; bridleways; the airport; construction traffic and heavy rail.

Link to PDF (Section 1) [PDF: 60 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 196 kb]

13. Amenity/Play

This section deals with play and sporting issues; where will play areas be located? What type of play facilities will there be? How will different age groups be catered for? When will this happen?

Link to PDF (Section 1) [PDF: 56 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 153 kb]

14. Landscape - Comparators

This section sets out the range and character of proposed open spaces. A series of plans are provided showing precedents in Dublin for the proposed parks and public places. These will fall into four categories: A district park (Poppintree Park); Local parks (Balcurris and Coultry); Local greens(Shangan and Sillogue); Town Centre (A new public plaza). Planning strategies and street tree planting are examined.

Link to PDF [PDF: 161 kb]

14. Landscape - Strategy

Link to PDF [PDF: 174 kb]

15. Urban Design

This section sets out the principles for the design of spaces between buildings; examines precedents in the development of Dublin; proposes streets, avenues, courts and parks in the new Ballymun, and a new concept for the massing of buildings.

Link to PDF (Section 1) [PDF: 59 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 144 kb]

16. Infrastructure

This section sets out (mainly in map form) the existing services layouts and the challenge of providing improved services in the new Ballymun.

Link to PDF (Section 1) [PDF: 130 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 140 kb]

17. Housing Standards

This section examines the existing context and sets out the proposed housing standards in terms of space, design, private and open space, quality and variety, accessibility, parking and sustainability.

Link to PDF (Section 1) [PDF: 64 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 140 kb]

18. Housing Management

This section looks at housing management policy and examines tenure options. What role can hosing management play in bringing about improvements in Ballymun? What sort of tenure options are available? Will existing residents be able to purchase houses? What about housing co-operatives, voluntary housing associations and private renting?

Link to PDF [PDF: 96 kb]

19. Implementation

This section sets out some parameters for the detailed implementation of new housing programmes, illustrates how phasing might be carried out in the Shangan neighbourhood for example, and includes a phasing map for the masterplan as a whole.

Note: These plans will be amended in the course of implementation, and new plans and programmes will be generated in due course.

Link to PDF File (Indicative programme) [PDF: 127 kb]
Link to PDF (Sample phasing-Shangan) [PDF: 319 kb]
Link to PDF (Masterplan phasing) [PDF: 244 kb]
Link to PDF (Detailed programme) [PDF: 210 kb]

20. Costs

This section explains the apportionment of the anticipated budget for the whole project. How much will the project cost? How will the money be spent? How will the project me managed to achieve value for money?

Link to PDF (Section 1) [PDF: 104 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 278 kb]

21. Energy & Environment

This section explores ways in which energy can be saved and resources conserved. The masterplan has adopted the key elements of sustainability as set out in Local Agenda 21. Analysis of the existing situation gives rise to a number of options for energy and cost efficient heating systems. A holistic approach to energy and resource conservation examines transport, waste-disposal and water use. Innovative and experimental houses will form part of the programme.

Link to PDF (Section 1) [PDF: 102 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 71 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 3) [PDF: 62 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 4) [PDF: 105 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 5) [PDF: 72 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 6) [PDF: 74 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 7) [PDF: 75 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 8) [PDF: 87 kb]

21. Neighbourhoods - As Existing

Sections 22 to 28 inclusive deal with detailed proposals for the neighbourhoods.

Link to PDF File [PDF: 213 kb]

21. Neighbourhoods - As Proposed

Sections 22 to 28 inclusive deal with detailed proposals for the neighbourhoods.

Link to PDF File [PDF: 233 kb]

22. Coultry

Link to PDF File [PDF: 183 kb]

23. Shangan

Link to PDF File [PDF: 204 kb]

24. Sillogue/Sandyhill

Link to PDF File [PDF: 183 kb]

25. Sandyhill/Sillogue

Link to PDF File [PDF: 196 kb]

26. Poppintree Park

Link to PDF File [PDF: 176 kb]

27. Poppintree

Link to PDF File [PDF: 196 kb]

28. Balcurris

Link to PDF File [PDF: 207 kb]

29. M50

This section examines development pressures resulting from the new motorway (M50) and explains the solution arrived at for lands at Naul Meadows, and Sillogue Lane.

Link to PDF File [PDF: 129 kb]

30. Main Street

This section describes the opportunities for creating a vibrant new town centre for Ballymun.

Link to PDF File (Section 1) [PDF: 180 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 156 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 3) [PDF: 198 kb]

31. Sustainability

"Sustainable development; a strategy for Ireland" (Department of the Environment 1997) established a policy framework for sustainable development. This section summarises how the masterplan fits into this framework.

Criteria examined are:

  1. Local economy and employment.
  2. Use of energy and natural resources.
  3. Housing conditions and indicators.
  4. Social and educational deprivation.
  5. Efficient use of land encouraging compatability and flexibility.
  6. Accessibility within, to and from the area.
  7. Waste management, disposal and recycling.
  8. Urban design, landscape and visual appearance.
  9. Shopping provision.

Link to PDF File (Section 1) [PDF: 692 kb]
Link to PDF (Section 2) [PDF: 527kb]

32. References

Link to PDF File [PDF: 70 kb]