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Sun Poppintree Park wins Lama Award
Sun Plan B Project
Sun Ballymun Tidy Towns
Sun Regeneration Update
Sun Community Garden
Sun Official launch of Project Futsal hub Ballymun
Sun Rediscover Fashion

Poppintree Park wins Lama Award

Poppintree Park has won a LAMA (Local Authority Members Association) Award 2012 in the category Best Public Park. The project Poppintree Park Phase 1 refurbishment started in Ballymun Regeneration in 2004 with public consultations comprising of a Public Survey followed by a Public Workshop in the Council Chambers where many of the BRL staff were involved in facilitating this event.

Based on this information the design process started in the Landscape Architecture section. Strategy drawings and a Poppintree Park Masterplan were developed, after which it went for Part 8 planning application in May 2005. Parallel to this process all planning drawings were put on public display in the Ballymun Civic Centre atrium.

Due to the size of the Park and the amount of work involved, Mitchell & Associates (Landscape Architects) and Muirs Associates (Engineers) were employed to produce the tender drawings and to supervise the construction on site. An intensive detail design process was followed with the project going out to tender late 2007. Kilwex LTD were appointed as contractors and work began on site mid 2008. Following extensive snagging and finishing off works the park was officially opened to the public in July 2010. Since then it has been experienced by many as an asset and pleasant destination.

In the last year a Tree Trail was established and is well used by the schools and other community groups as well as the new playground which caters for the age group 3 – 16. In addition, annual play events take place and the programme for such events can be found in the “People make Parks” brochure. The new pond, island and wetland area creates an oasis of tranquillity for all the community to enjoy. Furthermore, a biodiversity survey took place which indicated that an increasing amount of bats and birds are using the park, making it a new haven for wildlife.

Plan B Project

Plan B is a joint initiative between BRL and axis to reuse vacant units in Ballymun. There has been a negative impact on commercial activity due to the economic downturn, leading to an increase in the number of vacant retail and commercial properties across the city. These empty properties are often hoarded up or left unattended, creating dead space.

BRL and axis have worked together to develop the Plan B project to promoted the use of vacant properties for temporary artistic and creative uses in order to breath vibrancy and energy back into these units.

The aims of the Plan B project are very simple and extremely positive.

  • To create active and vibrant street frontages
  • Promoting the work of the creative / artistic industries
  • Attract new visitors to Ballymun – ‘Destination Ballymun’
  • Through association with local arts, culture and design, the area will prosper and grow

In collaboration with the Rediscovery Centre, the Market Development Group for Waste Resource and the National College of Art and Design two MA Design Sustainability scholarships commenced in January 2010.

Having identified sustainable design as an area of focus the two projects aim to exploit the potential of waste resource through sound design practice. Darragh Kirby who is completing his MA in Design Sustainability will be constructing a scale model of a playground he has designed to educate children about reuse and recycling. This project is located in Unit 1 of the Silloge Neighbourhood Centre.

If you are a landlord / owner and would be interested in making your vacant unit available under the Plan B project, or if you are interested in participating in the Plan B project, from the artistic/creative/occupancy side, please contact:

Pamela Connolly, Planning Section, BRL Pamela.connolly@dublincity.ie 01 222 5659
Nial Conlan, Property Section, BRL neil.conlan@dublincity.ie 01 222 5611

Ballymun Tidy Towns

Environmental Grants

Do you and your neighbours need money to clean up your own street area or some other project idea to improve your environment?

The Ballymun Tidy Towns committee is providing a small environmental grant for local groups to help implement Tidy Towns related environmental projects in their area.

Contact Roger Warburton on (01) 222 8526, roger.warburton@dublincity.ie

Regeneration update

Silloge Crèche

Those visiting Silloge Gardens and Owensilla Terrace recently may have noticed the new Silloge Crèche taking shape. Initial service diversions for the project began back in summer 2010, with excavations for the building itself commencing in April 2011. In recent months the building form has become visible to those around and the distinctive brickwork style is sure to form an elegant landmark when complete. The building is jointly funded by the government agency Pobal, and the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

Sean Harrington Architects are design team leaders for the crèche, while Waterman Moylan Engineers, Levins Associates, Delap and Waller Engineers and Ballymun Regeneration complete the design team. Glenman Corporation are the main contractor for the project.

Our Lady’s Nursery is a not-for-profit operation which currently caters for approximately 58 children from the Ballymun area from 2yrs 9mths to school going age. The nursery has functioned in a temporary prefab building for 39 years under the excellent care and attention of Sr. Majella McCabe and her staff, providing a high quality childcare service in a stimulating, secure, healthy and happy environment. Since its establishment the aim of the nursery has been to ensure that every child in its care secures a strong foundation for early year’s education.

The new building will cater for 76 children, and will contain a baby unit, toddler’s room and four pre-school class rooms just a stones throw away from the original prefab building. It is hoped that more children than ever will benefit from the new crèche, and the extra rooms and other new facilities will provide the resources which Sr. Majella, her staff and children all deserve.

Community Garden

Tenants of St. Margaret’s Travellers association and Carton Terrace got together recently to make improvements to a neglected area located on Carton Terrace. The space had become a magnet for unwanted goods and rubbish and the residents were determined to clean it up and create a space that would be more welcoming.

The men’s group and the women’s group form St. Margaret’s Community Centre thought about what they would like and decided to create a garden that would provide a space to relax. Combining their skills and with help from the development worker Noel Bresling, they accessed a wide range of local supports including paint from the re-paint scheme, a BRL small community grant and financial and practical assistance from Dublin City Council. Demonstrating their creative skills they created the space with recycled materials. A local youth service got involved and Stuart, the art worker, encouraged the men to get artistic with a painting of the last supper.

The space is now a bright, clean and welcoming space where residents can sit down and take time to reflect. The women involved in the Primary Health Care project recorded the project and a photographic exhibition is now on show in the Community Hall.

The garden was officially opened by Lord Mayor Cllr. Andrew Montague before Christmas. Impressed by the level of work and craftsmanship involved he went on to say how the garden was more than a beautiful place for residents to enjoy and express their devotion, but that it was a symbol of the communities volunteering spirit and a brilliant example of their creativity.

Official launch of Project Futsal hub Ballymun

The official launch of the Ballymun hub of Project Futsal took place on the 2nd of February 2012 at the Ballymun Civic Centre with special guest Ronnie Whelan in attendance. Project Futsal is an EU funded joint initiative between the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) and the Welsh Football Trust (WFT) with the aim of utilising football as a social inclusion tool in order to facilitate innovative community regeneration. FAI Development Officers in Ballymun, Paul Whelan and Jamie Wilson, oversee the work locally that is undertaken in the hub and it is with thanks to their co-funders, Dublin City Council, that they are able to take charge on a day to day basis.

The Ballymun Project Futsal Campus is spread over four venues and sees classes and practical sessions being held in Poppintree Sports Centre, Ballymun Leisure Centre, Whitehall College VEC Outreach Centre, Trinity Comprehensive School, and DCU in the Community. Having this hub up and running and delivering such a high quality programme would not be possible without the help and support of a number of groups. Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. assists in funding local facilities and contributes to the education programme.

DCU in the Community and Whitehall College of Further Education were both involved in the design of the education programme. All of the students involved in the project are enrolled in the DCU Bridge to Education Programme.

Rediscover Fashion is now recruiting for the following courses and workshops

*** Please note free places available. Terms and conditions apply.

if you would like further information please contact Carrie-Ann @ 086 332 4928 or carrie-ann@rediscovery.ie